BYE BYE 2017

A year of transition was Seventeen- unlike any year I remember

Polarization to the max, right through the end of December

Snuggling each in corners apart, the Rs and the Ds stood their ground

Playing the game of political chess, or more like kids on a merry go round

For some quick reminders these names I will cite, lest they fade from the memory scene

I’ll add some events only because they’re germane to “17”

The “coronation” of Donald Trump as our 45th Pres-i-dent

The proliferation of “tweets” from him, displaying his child-like bent

The March of Women the following day, a clue that dissension was real

And the staunch support he received from his base, a sign of the strength of their zeal.

Will the following folks still be around as part of our “household” names –

As “18” rolls on and filters them out – and brings us some “midterm” games ???

Bannon, Comey, Rosenstein, Flynn, Manifort, Papadopoulos

Kaepernick, Spicer, Huckabee-Sanders, but not-the turtles in the Galapagos

Preibus, Kelly, Conway and Kushner, Junior. Ivanka and more

Life at Mara Lago, where the lingo begins with “fore”

Harvey, Irma, Maria, Mayor Cruz of old San Juan

“Non Hero” McCain kills Health Care “reform”, he recognizes a “con”

Bob Mueller, Neil Gorsuch and Vladimir P. and “Little Rocket Man” too

Las Vegas and Charlottesville (shades of the Clan) and Weinstein producing “#metoo”

Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, no-jokin’ Al Franken, and others caught up in the web

The grabs and the touches, the lack of respect will hopefully be on the ebb

Will WE MOVE OUR ISRAELI EMBASSYl or was that merely meant to alarm?

And what to do about “alternate facts?” do they cause societal harm?

Is the “Free Press” only doing its job or is a “witch hunt” underway?

Will the Russia investigations – finally end some day ?

The Dreamers still are dreaming and the Muslim Ban engenders fears

No wall yet — but hark! it looks like there’s still 3 more years –

The “tax cut” passed by a hair – and one of the winners was Don

And the stock market’s racing skyward – how long can that go on ???

Surely, the year’s Entertainer was President Donald J. Trump

But the character of our nation — underwent a significant bump

Presidents should role-model values – of love, respect and peace

And language is how that translates – as a country we can’t let that cease


So bye bye to 17 – May 18 bring us together

All of us love our country – and that makes us birds of a feather.

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