BYE BYE 2019

The close of a year,  a decade,  an era –

events unforeseen

We say bye bye to twenty nineteen

unique in its way of negative feelings

of mass escalation

division, frustration

mind-sets opposed, 

never converging

despite all the urging,

small hope for its merging

sizzling embers stoked,

poked, provoked,

To strong beliefs –we were all –



what did we teach as we limped to impeach

with so many not reached?

in our sun, some were beached

or cooking a meal,

or making a deal,

critiquing a kneel,

bereft of the zeal

required to heal

to help us congeal


As never before as we enter the twenties

with some folks on food stamps

and others with plenty

as never before we all need to find

more ways to be kind,

to walk a few steps

in the shoes of the other

to hear — not just listen

to-the heart of a brother


And then – as has happened

so much in the past

shake hands and agree

that  disagreements will last

but  ought never to plunder

or tear us asunder


Here’s to the magic of old

hocus pocus

goodbye to the hatreds

And in this Christmas season

And always and more

May love be our focus


And  on a personal note, a sad goodbye.  For at least 20 years – I have been ranting and opining and remembering in these pages. At times I couldn’t wait to “let it all hang out.” At other times, I sat at the computer  paralyzed. Nothing came to me, until– until — it DID. I never knew who read it – or who cared —but it was good for me to do it. I will miss the deadlines — but will make my own deadlines. You will find me – if indeed you look — at  

Thanks to you, Rachel, for your encouragement– and for all of you who managed to put out a much needed community paper for so many years. Your leaving is a major loss to Deerfield.

I wish those of you who need it — a good job — and those of you who are retiring — a happy and productive after-work life.

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