BYE BYE 2020


For 20 years and even more – I’ve looked back on each year

Summing up the essence  like a “know it all” type seer

Focusing on politics but spreading out on issues

The highlights and the lowlights which made me reach for tissues

But the 2020 apocalypse attacked our sense of “norm”

And nothing that went on this year – in any way conform-ed

The masks we wore – the distancing –  the loss of  hugs and touch

To fierce opposing core beliefs the populace did clutch

The year was fraught with deep despair – divisiveness up front

Civility had disappeared – no  nuance – only blunt!

Funerals and weddings, graduations and good stuff

Just slipped by,  sometimes on zoom – that had to be enough

Memorial Day, July the Fourth and Labor day all passed

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays  left us all aghast!

Each of us is living in a lock-up world so blistery

We’ll tell it all to future “gens” – about our days of history

And then of course the politics, no precedence reflected

A leader who went AWOL when he didn’t get elected

So the only thing we know to do when gloom and doom hits town

Is to focus on that half full glass – and to ignore the “Hapless Clown”

Much in twenty- twenty-one portends a better future

The wounds of past we’ll leave for Joe and Kamala to suture

Lessons learned will overflow for students to absorb

May all of us eschew a cult – that sucks us in its orb

Farewell oh 2020 – Be Gone! Be Gone! Be Gone!

“Normal”s looking pretty good – we don’t need a “phenomenon”


(p.s. Maybe could we just skip to 2022?)

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