BYE BYE 2022

Time to say Bye Bye to Twenty two

And to tell you the truth – -“I’m glad it’s through”

It promised to be kinda non-descript

But I wonder what kind of concoction we sipped


Where to start on that blockbuster year

When everyone knew someone LBGT or Queer

When folks came to border states sans shoes or sandals

Folks in despair – too many to handle


The most awful news—the stain on stability

Was Putin’s advance – and Ukraine’s ability

To withstand the onslaught of murderous blight

As the US and Europe avoided the fight


Always the fear of a big World War Threat

While China, Korea, Iran make us sweat

The delicate balance reflected en masse

As the collective unconscious inhales the morass


Twas the year the beloved Queen finally said “Nix”

And lay down her head at age 96

When Uvalde and Buffalo and so many more

Were locations for gun-nuts intent upon gore


Roe versus Wade was beheaded by SCOTUS

No rescue at all – not even from POTUS

Women riled up – determined to fight

Until they are able to gain back that “right”


One plus years later, that date so insane-y

Jan sixth answers sought, spearheaded by Cheney

Hearings and witnesses came to retell

Confirming the worst of political hell


The year that democracy , literally nabbed

Stood at the gallows and could have been grabbed

The year that the voters hauled in the reins

And spared us a list of unbearable pains


Twas two years of Covid that won’t go away

More iterations to fear it will stay

Musk  tried on Twitter – it just wouldn’t fit

Another big ego-maniacal twit


And just as the year started drifting away

The crazy George Santos’s grande expose

He had slid into winning a seat in the “house”

On credentials as fake —as Mickey Mouse


Which certainly seemed like an apt metaphor

For ending a year that just left us sore

With Trump fading fast and the future at bay

For the year twenty three – we just have to pray!!!   

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