LIVE TO BE 100 ???

OK, I promise — this is my last column of comment on my age.  I’ve got to get beyond  the miracle of having lived ninety years,  and  acknowledge that having  made it this far, I would kinda like to go the distance another ten years while remaining in the shape that I’m in. There is sooooo much in this world that is in seismic upheaval, and by golly, I‘d really like to see how it turns out. Yes, I guess I am greedy.

Those driverless cars, for instance, are coming, and I want to be in one that drives itself—what  a long way from the old non air conditioned jalopy I grew up with! Then there’s the three D printer and its effect on every aspect of our economy which doubtless  will emerge strong in the next ten years — and what a turn from the old mimeograph machines that left ink on my hands as I turned out class assignments in the 50s.

I want to live to see a slow-down in the results of climate change – and ways that cheaper and cleaner energy will give the planet a chance for good to conquer evil. (don’t ask me what I’m smoking)

And OMG—I just this minute received a text – that told me about a new device the size of a tissue box that can harvest drinkable water from thin air.

All this coming in the NEXT  ten years? So speaking of texts – let’s go back to the innovations during the past ten years as in  Smartphones, apps. You Tube, GPS, Blogs, facebook, twitter, selfies, Alexa, Google, Uber, AirBnB and I’ll bet you could add another full page of lists of changes within the past decade that I didn’t mention. Oh what a difference ten years can make. And we haven’t even touched on politics and the sad escalation of lack of civility.

But see how one can so easily become diverted. I had planned, in this column, to answer the question everyone has asked me: “What’s your secret – of 90 years still on your feet ” and my answer, alas, will be of little help to anyone. It is simply: JUST PLAIN GOOD LUCK, as well as the fact that I don’t much like the taste of booze, or coffee, or tobacco – and that spinach, broccoli, kale and just plain water, have far more palate appeal for me. I consider that LUCK.

That, aided perhaps by a few pieces of wisdom gathered throughout the years: I have learned to distinguish between reasonable and realistic EXPECTATIONS, and have trained myself to go for the realistic ones. And for its universal appeal that covers the main ingredients of a healthy life, I go for the Serenity prayer despite that I am not especially prayerful:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

Live to 100 — in good condition???  Hmmmmm.

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