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Everybody has a story, and the wonder of humankind is that each story is unique. In this age of speed technology, it is easy to make a permanent record of our lives, and there is something inherently human about wanting to do that. For many of us, it is a way of "not ever dying."

Beginning in 2000, with that premise, our workshops have attracted people who come to record and relive their lives for themselves, and for their progeny. Several have hopes of having a publisher find them, others have found their own publisher, and among my many students are several with self published works and works "on the brink"

In the process of recording their stories they have discovered the richness and diversity of their own lives, as well as the lives of fellow participants.They have learned how to improve their writing technique and craft, and have dared to examine their own inner lives.

You'll want to read about the many kinds of family relationships that exist among us, the quirky stories of growing up, the ones about surviving loss, the inspiring ones, parenting and child rearing adventures, the army, the funny ones, the immigrant experience, surviving abusive relationships, reinventing themselves after running afoul of the law, living an ordinary life that still requires an enormous coping mechanism, some famous name-droppings, and the courage to keep smiling.

Read both books for variety and inspiration and because you will relate to many of the stories.