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What People Say About, "The Book"and Emily's Workshops..

"Your course helped me so much in approaching writing assignments. The Canadian Opera Company included an article of mine (in a recent publication) .." Barbara Keenan, Canada and Boca Raton

"I really enjoy your facilitating skills and applaud your leadership. Today's workshop was particularly inspiring. Like sex (sometimes) the workshop just keeps getting better..." Cassandra Hancock, Boca Raton

"Whenever I read your corrections or suggestions, I realize how much I have to learn... Thank you for your help and never lose the enthusiasm you have for your chosen profession. It ...makes life so much more enjoyable..." Bernard Perron, Boca Raton

"Words cannot express how much joy and energy and humor you have brought into my life. " Linda Shadur, Boca Raton

"Sorry if I seem impatient in wanting your edits, but I so value them and hesitate to move on (with my novel) without them. " .. George Britton, Boca Raton 

"You have made writing fun for me..." Margaret Sorensen, Boca Raton

"Missed the chance to sign up... very very sorry. Love your input and class readings..." Joyce Rosenberg, Boca Raton

"During the past weeks I learned so much from you already. Entirely enthusiastic, I am now writing each day, and dip into my well of stories that need to be told... your suggestions are always appreciated and teach me more and more each time... I am thrilled that I found you..." Gabrielle Alexander, Boca Raton

"Your input is very appreciated and important to me... it certainly encourages your students to reach for the beyond. Your confidence in us will in our future writing. Thank you for an exciting and stimulating class." .. Kay Cunningham. Boca Raton

"One of the aspects of your class that I like so much is that it stimulates me to think of so many issues related to writing. As I listen to what others have written, it helps me better understand issues like focus, structure, and the use of phrases and words to clarify feelings and ideas. ... you have .. a neat way of supporting your students, yet still directing them with regard to exploring ways they could achieve their writing goals ... " Robert Segal, Boca Raton

"You have helped me in so many ways. I will probably stay in your workshop for the rest of our lives ..." Lee Rinderman, Boca Raton

"You are a wonderful motivator, and I enjoy your constructive criticism..." Elaine Sharfe, Saskatoon, Canada, Boca Raton

"How much I enjoyed your class today.. (it) was hard to believe that we were captivated for 2 1/2 hours..." Ann Rousseau, Ft. Lauderdale

"Your "Memories Milestones and Memoirs" is sensational. ... I can't believe the talent that is rampant in the entire collection..." Joyce Newman, Las Vegas, Nevada

"The best thing about the book is that it can be read as time allows, and I find myself picking it up with minutes to spare… This is a good assortment of stories..." Dorothy Rosencrans, Boca Raton

"…for bringing to life a terrific selection of poignant memories...." Robert Rosen, White Plains, New York

".. we just can't get over the book. I've been slowly working my way through it. The stories are so fantastic!"... Beth Tillett, Raleigh, N,C.

"... I want you to know how much I am enjoying (MMM). It is so good to read these stories. Some are exceptional, like Judy Coulter's, and I enjoyed reading Tova Fischtein. ...." Ann Hartka, Orlando,

"I keep the book at my bedside so I can read it whenever the spirit moves me. Aside from Sam (spouse) it's the perfect bedside companion..." Arlene Bleecker, N., J.

"...I'm really enjoying MMM. The diversity is great! ..." Barbara Rosin, N.J.

".. I am randomly reading the pages and already read some pieces that I thought were quite good..." Roberta Sandler, Wellington, Fl.

"the book arrived today and I immediately jumped into it. I'm up to page 58 and so far it is wonderful... Aronowitz is excellent.. Britton is fabulous and Blanco's sexual arousal at age 8 -- well, what can I say... I kept interrupting Dave who was sitting in the chair next to me at lunchtime today, to thrust the book on him, 'Here, read this.'" ... Louis Moseson, Louisiville, Ky.

" husband read it and loved it. Since he is a good and avid reader, I trust his comments and praises..." Clarisse Mello. Weston, Fl.