BYE BYE 2014

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BYE BYE 2014

Jan 2015

We said our goodbyes to Twenty Fourteen
A year of more GREEN – a year of more mean
Christie diverted all thoughts of his frig
As all hell broke loose on the Washington Bridge
In far away Soshi, Olympic stars shone
While the deep freeze at home made many folks groan
The reign of Jay Leno was put to an end
Making room for Jim Fallon – such heights to ascend
In Kiev, much unrest with Ukraine in revolt
Putin’s eyes on Crimea – another world jolt
The Malaysia plane missing – forever – it seems
Campaign contributions increased by “Supremes”
Ft. Hood psycho killer rampaged for the kill
Kansas City and Pittsburgh were next for that drill
Eric Cantor was ousted as Speaker of House
His future assured – he went-out like a mouse
While Iraq was unraveling – Isis appeared
Terrorist enemies – now the most feared
Abortion clinic buffer zones reduced by the court
Threatening rights that some thought were long fought
From Central America,  without legal “docs”
Came a gaggle of youngsters – causing serious shocks
Robin Williams’s suicide – such a surprise
Then Lauren  Bacall and Joan Rivers’ demise
Israel/Palestine always  at war
The Hammas-built tunnels were much to deplore
The cop-killing murders – spawned rage – and ignited
A summer of outrage at cops un-indicted
Attention diverted to NFL ruling
As the video showed that Ray Rice was not fooling
The White House intruder – with hardly a peep
Were those brave secret servicemen deeply asleep?
Beheadings, Ebola, and torture and drones
And increased addiction – to hand held smart phones
Mid-term elections – the Dems were wiped out
Caused the Prez to reverse his leadership drought
First immigration then reassessment  re:  Cuba
As everywhere people were caught hailing UBER
Stock market rising but jobs – not so many
Gas prices falling by more than a penny
The rich getting richer – poor folks still stuck
Congress not moving – just passing the buck
But holiday spirits have folks looking up
No matter what else — half full is our cup
Fifteen we welcome – don’t  know what’s in store
And no more can we count on the Colbert “Repor –t

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