BYE BYE 2016


Twenty Sixteen – departed and gone

A year that was quite a phe-nom-in-on

Dominated almost entirely by Trump

His rallies, his tweets, his life on the stump

Sanders and Hilary left to examine

The reasons they bore an “Electoral” -famine. 

But way back in Jan. we were warned of great harm

When Korea detonated – its hydrogen bomb

Alas, the unthinkable happened in Flint

With poison in water that wasn’t mere lint

The death of Scalia you may still recall

Caused McConnell to render an epic-long stall

“There won’t be a Justice replaced on the bench”

A decision he made that was deeply entrenched

Blacks feeling threatened at home by the cops

In Dallas cops killed – it just never stops

In  Brussels and Paris and Istanbul, Nice

Munich, Berlin –What happened to “peace ?”

In England  they voted to” Brexit “ E.U.

The Planet’s unsettled – as changes accrue

BUT –-  The Cubs won the Series –  after waiting so long

Then  Elections took place — So many, so wrong!

Was it Comey, the emails, or working white men?

Hillary lost – millions seek Zen.

Castro’s demise caused some celebrations

Congressional  forecast:  “lotsa” “in-vest-i-gations”

December’s the month that was chock full of news

Much of it fake – a trend –  causing  the blues

Transition appointments – the top of Trump’s  list

Perry- in charge of the place that he “dissed”

Hacking by Russians to skewer the election?

Trump opts for nukes for greater “protection.”

But the market is climbing – to peak at its top

Who can predict its inevitable drop?

Obama and Bibi duking it out

The “settlement” issue leaves neither with doubt

Celebrity deaths seemed to reach a new high

As Reynolds and Fisher –within-a day   bade goodbye”

Conflict of int-er-est questions arise

 ’17 – is sure to be full of SURPRISE!

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