Here’s MY STORY of yesterday — a reminder of the good world!!!! I am returning home from a chore and about to pass Joseph’s Classic Market, where among the world’s most savory eats, exists my all time culinary delight : eggplant empanada at $7.99 cent a pound. I take a number. It is pre-Christmas crowded and this is the “prepared foods” section and all the Boca-World reveres pre-cooked food. I am patient. — My son, taught me that — ‘JUST BE PATIENT, MA ! I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WAITING MY TURN”- — So I wait the 30 minute it takes to get to B 26 — I give my order — it comes to $5.11 — I meander towards the cash register — I open my belly=-pack — and OMG= I forgot! I forgot to transfer my wallet out of my pocket-book. Bummer!

“No prob”– says the cachier– “I’ll hold this for you for when you return”. But little does she know that I am not about to hustle home to retrieve my money and to make the trip back to the store. So I can do without Eggplant Empanada! And I proceed to approach the exit — – mad at myself, and dejected, but fully aware that worse disasters are ever present.

But no sooner does the automatic door open its arms to me, when the cashier calls: “Lady! Lady! come back. The woman who was behind you said she would pay for your package, ”

I blunder my way back to her “station” — and the lady behind me has almost finished being packed up –I thank her profusely — she makes a sign and says simply, “No problem. Have a good holiday” and before I can even get her name to return the money, she has disappeared.

That was the best Eggplant Empanada I’d ever had. It tasted like God- Love !

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