Here’s MY STORY of yesterday — a reminder of the good world!!!! I am returning home from a chore and about to pass Joseph’s Classic Market, where among the world’s most savory eats, exists my all time culinary delight : eggplant empanada at $7.99 cent a pound. I take a number. It is pre-Christmas crowded […]

BYE BYE 2020

  For 20 years and even more – I’ve looked back on each year Summing up the essence  like a “know it all” type seer Focusing on politics but spreading out on issues The highlights and the lowlights which made me reach for tissues But the 2020 apocalypse attacked our sense of “norm” And nothing […]

Saturday July 4, 2020 — 110 th day of Covid

I don’t feel like organizing my “death” files — as I should. I don’t even  feel like organizing my “in” basket — as I should; I surely don’t feel like cleaning the drawers in my bathroom vanity– especially, the one where I saw the cockroach the other day. And on this Fourth of July, I […]


May, 2020 i am visiting a friend who lives in an assisted living facility. no visitors allowed in the building. no communal eating. food brought in boxes  to each individual  living behind closed doors. My friend’s apartment is on the ground floor and she has a tiny screened in patio that is half hidden by […]


March 2020 Here’s the thing about peaches. They are either ambrosia or blah mush. Here’s the thing about me. I am generally unflappable — hardly ever angry, and mostly accepting of what flies across my life. And here’s the thing about this weekend: My son and daughter in law  were coming for a rare visit from […]