April 5, 2018 Well, I am having another birthday this month. It‘s a biggie plus one —  not a big deal. But here’s the thing:  After all these years, I’ve learned so much – not only  about living, but living well.  And now,  I would like to start all over again.  But would I ??? […]


  I am the self-appointed president/dictator of “The Bleeding Tongues” club. We (“I”) do not yet have a sophisticated organization and so I am, acting in my additional capacity as Membership Chairperson. Here is the very simple criteria for membership. Listen up, young people. You may soon be one of us. 1)      You must be […]


This will meander around cyber-stuff – in some of its iterations – finally landing on LOVE. Be patient – It comes at the end. It is, after all, February. Decadent as this may sound, I am an email person, a throwback to actual letters in an actual mailbox. Ancient people like myself have a hard […]

BYE BYE 2017

A year of transition was Seventeen- unlike any year I remember Polarization to the max, right through the end of December Snuggling each in corners apart, the Rs and the Ds stood their ground Playing the game of political chess, or more like kids on a merry go round For some quick reminders these names […]


I had never met Dave Eller in person, despite that I’ve been writing a column for this paper since — actually I lost count, but my guess would be since the early 2000s – when Judy Wilson was the editor. I’ve written about everything under the sun – except the thing I am most passionate […]