REALITY? TRUTH? –Really? Truly?

I was always a big fan of “reality.” My relationship with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy didn’t last very long. Myths, magical realism, religious stories based on fantasy were fun but always overruled by my skepticism and to some extent — distrust. Having adults tell me lies made me feel like my intellect was […]

D-DAY – 75

June 6, 1944 –“D-Day” – 75 years ago. Allied troupes invaded the Normandy beachhead in France. — who remembers? We had been officially “at war” since December 11, 1941 — and the victory we all prayed for seemed deadly far into the future. I was 17, and on that day, I was walking down the […]


May 2019 I live frugally, though not inexpensively, in a fifty unit non gated community in a perfect neighborhood for me where I feel  safe and secure, almost like in the old days when people never bothered to lock their doors. I live where ducks and birds and trees and grass  and  flowers and water […]


April 2019      There are some people I know,  who, unintentionally sound rude in simply expressing their curiosity when they ask, ”What do you do all day?” Actually, I interpret that as a coded unstated question which, in reality, goes like this. “So, old lady, what’s it like to live alone?”     My answer:  “Oh […]

#METOO,3,4, Oops

I am a proud member of the Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem fan club and my feminist “creds” stack up high against any of today’s raging “fems.”  I have quietly endured the silence of the pre “#metoo”movement when it was just as accepted for men to demean women in all sorts of subtle and not so […]