I had never met Dave Eller in person, despite that I’ve been writing a column for this paper since — actually I lost count, but my guess would be since the early 2000s – when Judy Wilson was the editor. I’ve written about everything under the sun – except the thing I am most passionate […]


November is calling, and perhaps I should be writing about turkeys, or stuffing, or pumpkins. But I’m not. I’m writing about carrots. Stick with me here. I’m about to make my case. i.e. – Carrots as a symbol of what’s wrong with society. W-e-l-l  one of the symbols.  I remember when carrots were in the […]


Check out “Mindfulness” on Google, and if you print out the results, you could use your entire ink cartridge. Read Emily’s 600 or so word essay — and you can wrap up the whole subject and be on your way to your next  life-activity — mindfully. Let me first assure the meditators, and the 30 […]


  I have stuff on my mind and gotta say it – respectfully. I’ve been writing for this paper for – I guess – more than 10 years. I am a politics freak  — and have been asked not to write about politics. I have complied, even as I have often had to tie my […]


  On its surface, “truthfulness” seems like an open and shut case, but in many instances – it’s too “open.”  There are some scientific facts that are — so far — undeniably true. Until further notice, the earth IS round.  And yes – you either appeared at the XYZ train station at 10:00 a.m. last […]