December 27, 2018 Seems like only yesterday that ’17 was gone Now ‘18 too’s behind us like a marathon All in all – not so good Can’t wait for Version Hollywood Crazy folks with guns ran wild 307 mass murders filed Parkland survivors crammed the media Some famous enough for Wikipedia Politics up front till […]


It took me 70 years of Sundays – that’s 3,640 Sundays — to appreciate one of the greatest gifts I ever received. I finally remembered that it was Mr. Steinberg, my High School English teacher, whose only text book that senior year, was the Sunday New York Times — Mr. Steinberg, who gave me 3,640 […]


Within the last several   days,  I’ve started this column a half dozen times. But with events moving faster than it takes a palmetto bug to scurry under the furniture in Florida, I’ve had to change its course that many times.  I think I have alighted on its final theme:  Senator Flake’s small “stitch” in the […]


I don’t believe in co-incidences. I truly believe that the “all powerful” has created the ordered chaos we are feeling in our collective unconscious. Strange things happen in the universe but somehow the chaos does have order and meaning. We need not ponder very deeply to interpret it. This past weekend, amidst warnings of violence […]


7/30/18 My late husband trained me to be a widow. Well, of course, that was not his intention. Dead at age 87 for almost 5 years now, after our 59 year marriage, I thank him every day for my ability to meet the challenge of a new and different life after his life ended. I […]