“Peace on earth.  Good will towards Man,” is probably the most favorite saying spoken or quoted  during the Christmas-Holiday season. Even, it is said, the most liberal secularists who reject biblical Christianity love to use this phrase and claim it as their own. 

The “Peace on earth”  part hopeful  denial of reality that it is – is an eternal prayer that has yet to be answered. Certainly, it is an aspirational “good,” and though it may remain unanswered in all of our lifetimes,  there is no more worthy goal for humankind, despite that as individuals, it is a condition beyond our control. 

So I have concerned myself with that which IS within our control – as individuals: “Good  Will Towards Man.” 

Has there ever been a time when “Good Will Towards Man,” is as far from the ‘collective consciousness’ as it is today?  Well probably historically, there has been, but I want to stay with the NOW.  The residual “spill” from our recent past national trauma lingers in all the wrong places  — in the hearts  of those stuck in a mindset of righteousness,  in people who sneer at the concept of being nonjudgmental  in a world filled with human beings who are more than one dimensional. 

Many of us have difficulty with the concept that another person can have a belief system in total opposition to our own, with equal sincerity and purity of heart, and that such a person can indeed perform acts of kindness and can make positive contributions to their community. 

This is what makes Good Will Towards Man – such a challenge. 

I am aware of how this past election cycle has torn families  and friendships — apart, and has caused serious rifts in some marital relationships. And despite the innate wisdom of the mantra, “Let’s agree to disagree,”  the issues and circumstances for many of us, were so deep-gutted as to have been symbolic of the very core of our beings. And disagreements along political lines can be perceived as rejections of who we are – in the “I am what I believe” modality. 

Somehow, we can more easily disagree about sports teams, movies, books, art,

taste in clothes or home furnishings, or even, in the abstract – philosophy –  than we can about  politics  — without impugning  the basic character of another person. 

So in this relatively short –lived  seasonal  spread of overt loving and good cheer, I am “putting out”  the hope that we can extend good will  to the folks who voted whichever other way from your vote,  that they did.  And a reminder:  THIS – doesn’t make them bad people. 

So Ho Ho Ho —  it’s time for some levity ––  Here’s to a wonderful  Christmas,  Chanukah, and whatever else you celebrate this month , and here’s to some serious  GOOD WILL TOWARDS MAN. 

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