BYE BYE 2015

December 31, 2015
Every year is so unique but ‘15 was “unique-est”
Horror and absurdity this year – reached the “peak-est”
First came Charlie Hebdo and later, Paris groans
UBER very popular, and folks are using DRONES
The pundits and the cable news, the-press and all the blabbers
Gave us “news” of bloviating wannabee back-stabbers
Okay okay okay okay – the news all year was TRUMP
Arrogant and scary — though an entertaining romp
ISIS in the headlines mounting violence, fear and rage
Paris as a symbol of a mindset hard to gauge
Mass killings in our country til the horror turned us numb
Daily, guns were used to kill, till it almost was “ho hum”
The Dow was very volatile – skittish, some would say
The mentality of creeping fear expanded day by day
The Pope and Netanyahu and Putin all popped in
While folks from every walk of life were hypnotized to “win”
A plane in Barcelona and a train in Philly –crashed
The Supremes said same sex marriage was okay – and teeth were gnashed
And trigger happy cops brought much attention to the law
While “Black Lives Matter”pushback, was not something to ignore
Baltimore had riots – Ferguson did too
Many folks were full of rage – for the years they had to “stew”
Texas floods and prison breaks , hack attacks, foul air
Republicans tried hard but couldn’t kill Obamacare
A nuke deal with Iran – fought hard – but nonetheless it passed
Now-we watch and wait and hope- not sure if it will last
Climate Change a biggie when many nations meet
As temperatures this winter reflected lots of heat
Steve Colbert and Stewart gave up their daily shows
To those who were addicted – “them’s” were mighty blows
And so bye bye to fifteen – of course we’ll save the clips
We only hope that sixteen – won’t bring the-apocalypse

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