Was it the Red Rocks? Was it the “New Ageism” surrounding us?  Was it our history? Was it the place where we stayed ? Was it our mutual yen to “get away?”  Was it the incredible  freedom  to be our  totally  uncensored selves?  Or was it the mish mash of all of the above ?  Who cares! What it was   —  was our version of  5 days of perfection.

The last time I saw Ivy,  almost 30  years ago, we had “tripped” cross country together when she decided to move to California to be near her parents,  after her live-in relationship with my son had ended – amicably. (neither has since married – happily)   When we parted, we promised each other a version of a  “do over,”  when she reached the age I was then (we’re 30 years apart in age) . We’ve kept in touch, though unseen. Good people keep promises – if good luck be with them.

We met at the Phoenix airport – her salt and pepper hair braided Indian style slung over her left shoulder rippling to her waist.  Yep! That was Ivy. And for all the incessant picture taking that we did – no one was there for the moment we  first spotted each other – and hugged like the “long lost” souls that we were.

With apologies to the first Thomas Wolfe, you CAN go home again, or that is to say, you CAN recapture the bliss of those long ago moments. Well —  WE  can – and did. Ivy, the artist/yoga-teacher/health food specialist/positive-energy-seeker, was the official log-burner on chilly nights at our temporary home at the OAK CREEK TERRACE RESORT  in Sedona. There we warmed ourselves by the fireplace and splashed in the double Jacuzzi –( inside amenities in the accommodations )–  swung on the double swings  on  the top terrace in the morning sun,  and toppled a few times in the double hammocks as we stared mesmerized at  the creek waters hissing in speedy movement across the rocks at the lower terrace. We giggled a lot, too. A whole lot!

But we came for the REDS and managed to find walking and hiking trails daily that spirited us to heights we couldn’t believe possible. Me!  an ole lady dragging up those trails. Wow!!   And one day we spent on a flat mesa  — way high up — with not a soul in sight, hugged by Cathedral Rock, or was it Bell Rock? Chimney Rock?  Thunder  Mountain?  whichever one, it felt cozy and protected,  emitting vibes of harmony and peace.  Oh yes– Love, too. 

A hike on the path to the Buddhist Stupa in Peace Park  where we each engaged in our own style of meditation – topped off  that day of soulfulness,  as the rains burst out of the clouds just as we closed the doors to the car. Kar-ma, indeed.

There were the “eat” places —  greens and beans and soy in a myriad of iterations – (and  once –a sneaked-in  hunk of bison for the abs and brains )–  in garden settings  with obsequious monk-like  staff . And oh, BTW- Ivy had sworn off liquor — and I don’t drink alone – so no booze.

And June and Lloyd and Candace and Jay and David and Tom and Barbara and Solomon and Michael – stories by the yards.

So throw away your anti-depressants, say good-bye to your shrink, book your flight to Sedona, and hide the TV remote when you get there. If you’re not smothered in constant bliss during your stay, I will eat your boarding pass.

As for Ivy  — same time next year. I don’t have 30 more in me. 

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