it’s  been 4 days since the apocalypse. “They” say it’s wise to wait, to simmer down, to take stock, to – whatever, before blowing off steam.  This seismic event has been good for writers, and for mental health professionals .  I am both. And I can tell you – 4 days is not nearly enough to process every angle of what happened. And oh yes! Historians will be gloating for centuries over the vast bounty it serves, filmmakers and Immigration Lawyers, too. Looks like it could turn out to be the beginning of a trickle down Jobs Market.

It’s taken four days  to read only a small portion of  the bloviators cracking their whips on: the failures of the Clinton campaign, the responsibility of Comey and his covey of Republican FBI partisans, the “deplorables,” who came out in droves,  the media  that  originally saw Trump as a joke and gradually grabbed him as increased revenue, the DNC’s closeted dismissal of Sanders, Michael Moore’s insight into the  legitimate yearnings of forgotten white men , the natural flow of presidential politics in its tendency to kick incumbent parties out of office, the misogynistic “protection” of  glass ceilings, Trump’s successful  appeal to human instinct towards violence and hatred when exhorted to express them, some people’s blind urge for “change,” without a care as to what that change might look like, the authentic reflection of the aspirations of people in distress, the tenacious loyalty  of  partisan  Republicans,  the weakness of a vintage constitutional electoral college that reveres the concept of state’s rights without examining its 21st century applications — and what have I forgotten to mention?

On Day One our prez-elect  was introduced to the Oval Office, (NO, Donald, you are NOT on the set of West Wing)  and he actually displayed 3 minutes of Presidential  Posturing,  genuflecting to Barack, (and if I read his body language correctly, thinking to himself  “What the hell did I get myself into here?” ) — lifting the depressed hearts of the many to a tentative level of hope. Ah, but the infant-terrible surfaced on his Twitter account in the dark of night  — that’s how clinical addictions and personality disorders  work – and he was off again, until the next day when someone  – was it Kellyanne?  turned the message around in Dick and Jane language. All the while Ryan, Pence, Mc Connell et al lined up in suits and ties and grins assuring us, backed as they are by all branches of government, that life couldn’t have turned out better for America. Do they really think they  have their puppet on a string?  

So– No!! Four days won’t do it . I will have to revisit this whole mess on a regular basis seeking to extract, as is my Pollyanna nature, some positive signs that survival is in the cards. Don’t hold your breathe, but I WILL be back.

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